How Do I Get a Wallet?

We recommend our Bitnovo wallet in case you would like to operate only with bitcoin. If you need a wallet supporting more tokens other tokens we leave you a table with our recommendations at the end of this article.

To get the Bitnovo wallet it is necessary to download our app with which you can change your cryptocurrencies to Euros, redeem your vouchers, verify your identity and use our wallet. The app is available for download on iOS and Android devices, click here to download it.




Remember that it is very important to make a backup of your wallet. Before creating the wallet in Bitnovo app you will be shown the security seed. Even if it sounds strange to you, the security seed does not stop being 12 words which you must write down in a safe place. If at any time you lose your wallet you can restore it with the seed. In summary, security seed is a friendlier way to remember your private key.

Here are some examples of the Wallet that you can use for cryptocurrencies supported on

  Wallet Wallet Hardware
Bitcoin Bitnovo Trezor
Dash Infinito Wallet Trezor
Bitcoin Cash Infinito Wallet Trezor
Cardano Daedalus -
Ethereum Infinito Wallet Trezor
Ethereum Classic Infinito Wallet Trezor
Litecoin Infinito Wallet Trezor
Monero Monero Ledger*
Ripple Toast Ledger
Verge Verge Wallet Tor -
Zcash Jaxx Trezor
OmiseGO Infinito Wallet Trezor
Siacoin Sia -
NXT Nxtplatform -
Tron Tron Wallet Trezor
Steem Steem Trezor
Tether Tether Trezor
Xem Nano Wallet Trezor
Stellar Astral -
Bat Infinito Wallet Trezor
Qtum Infinito Wallet Trezor
0x Infinito Wallet Trezor
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