How Do I Get a Wallet?


We recommend you Infinito Wallet due to its simplicity and speed. Anyway, you have many other wallets available in the market, such as Copay, Mycellium, etc. Just access to the Play Store in case you use Android or to the App Store if you use iOS.

In the case of Infinito Wallet, your address will be reflected in the "Receive" section as you can see in the image detailed below. That would be the address you need to enter when purchasing in Bitnovo and where we send you the cryptocurrency.

Once you receive the cryptos, you will see the transaction reflected in the "Activity" section.




Remember that is is important make a backup of your wallet. In this case in particular you have to it when installing the app for the very first time. This process is called "Backup Phrase". There will appear 12 unique words that you should write down to restore your wallet in case of loss of your device.

Infinito Wallet supports many cryptocurrencies and tokens, not only Bitcoin. If you want to activate a wallet for another crypto you should click on the (+) located in the bottom and choose the coins for which you need the new wallet.

Here are some examples of the wallet you can use for cryptocurrencies supported at

  Wallet Wallet Hardware
Bitcoin Infinito Wallet Trezor
Dash Infinito Wallet Trezor
Bitcoin Cash Infinito Wallet Trezor
Cardano Daedalus -
Ethereum Infinito Wallet Trezor
Ethereum Classic Infinito Wallet Trezor
Litecoin Infinito Wallet Trezor
Monero Monero Ledger*
Ripple Toast Ledger
Verge Verge Wallet Tor -
Zcash Jaxx Trezor
OmiseGO Infinito Wallet Trezor
Siacoin Sia -
NXT Nxtplatform -
Tron Tron Wallet Trezor
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