Questions about vouchers with quick answers

- What is a Bitcoin?

It is a digital currency that, as it does not depend on banks, is becoming fashionable because of the speed with which it can be used or sent.

- What is a wallet (Digital Wallet)?

It is a code that represents the amount of contained cryptocurrency. It is used to receive, save or send cryptocurrencies to other wallets.

- Can I have Bitcoins and not have a wallet?


- Can I have a wallet without Bitcoins?


- If I lose my wallet ... do I lose my Bitcoins?


- Can I have more than one wallet?

Yes. You can have all the wallets you wish.

- Are the wallets anonymous?


- Where do I get a wallet?

For example, download Jaxx and install it.

- What is a voucher?

A paper with 2 codes (or 1 code depending on the country of issue) that are redeemed for cryptocurrency you choose, through the website of

- Is the voucher a Wallet?


- What is the difference between a voucher and a Wallet?

A voucher is a way to add cryptocurrency to a wallet.

- A wallet is a long code. What happens if the client makes a mistake writing it on the web?

Nothing can happen. If a wallet is not written correctly, the exchange does not work.

- Can a voucher expire?

Yes. Our coupons are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.

- Can a voucher be cancelled or returned?


- How many times can the voucher be used?


- Can I redeem the voucher instantly?


- If I do not redeem the voucher at the moment, does it change its value?

No. The value of the voucher is in euros and does not change its value.

- If I need a help, who can I contact with?

Call us or write us an email, we will help you.

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