Two-Step Verification or Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

Safety first. You should know that the possibility of someone stealing your password is easier than you think. With any of these habitual actions, you could run the risk of having your password stolen:

  • Use the same password on more than one site
  • Download Internet software
  • Click on links in email messages

Two-step verification will protect you from malicious users even if they have your password.

To provide you with greater security and protection in the operations you perform through our Web Panel, both for your queries and for the issuance of vouchers redeemable for cryptocurrencies, the option of activating the Verification method in 2 Steps has been implemented.

The procedure to login to your account will be something different:
1) You will enter your username / password
2) You will be asked for a code that is valid for one minute and it is generated from your PC / Mac or mobile device.

You need first a software that allows you to generate temporary codes, we recommend Authy (, it is free, and you can install it both on your mobile and PC / Mac.

Once installed, we show you how to associate it with your account in the Bitnovo Web Panel.
How to activate access with Two-Step Verification?


In the next screen you will be shown a QR code. Activate the Authy application from your device and choose the option Add a New Account. From Authy you can activate the camera to scan the QR code that appears on the screen.


Once the new account has been added to Authy you can see a temporary code, write it in the box with the text "Enter the Pairing Code" and click on the "Activate Access in 2 Steps" button.

You already have it! From now on, every time you enter the Bitnovo Web Panel, in addition to your username and password, you will also be asked for a temporary code that you will obtain in the Authy application.












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