How do I get a Dash wallet or purse?

We know we repeat it a lot but we are not tired of saying it again and again. Whenever you ask us what wallet do we recommend, we reply that our favourite is Jaxx.

If you already have this application installed and you use it for another cryptocurrencies, you just have to go to the upper right menu and in the section “Wallets” activate the Dash. It will appear as: “DSH”.


If you have never used Jaxx before, we recommend you to read this article in our help center. Steps are exactly the same regardless of the cryptocurrency you are going to operate with

And remember, it is very important to back up your wallet. You can do it through “Menu”-”Tools”-”Display Backup Phrase”. There will appear 12 words you must write down in a safe place to restore your wallet in case of loss of your device.

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