How to consult a Dash transaction?

One of the many benefits of the Blockchain is the tracking  of your transaction. As it is already known, all transactions have a HASH that can be described as the unique identifier of every transaction (in fact it is not so easy).

Now we are going to explain you how to consult a Dash transaction from the HASH or the address of your wallet (or any other wallet) with a block explorer.

Firstly you have to access the following website which is the block explorer for Dash. There are also other alternatives available but the shown information and its use is similar in all of them.



So, you only have to enter the HASH of your transaction or the wallet you want to consult and that´s it. All available information will be shown on the page. Whenever you make a purchase through Bitnovo, we will provide you with the HASH so you can easily track it.

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