What is the difference between Bitcard and Gift Card (voucher)?

What is BITCARD?

Our Bitcard is a prepaid card rechargeable with cryptocurrencies. It is a physical card that can be recharged and used to make payments in physical/online establishments and even to withdraw money at ATMs.

How does Bitcard work?

The card is purchased through our website and sent to the address entered by the recipient. Once you receive the card, you should activate it and that's it!

To reload the card you have to access our website and place the order in this section. This way you can "sell" your cryptocurrencies to Bitnovo. In exchange, we recharge your card directly with Euros so you can enjoy your money almost instantly.

For more information about the Bitcard, access the section Our Card in the help center.


What is Gift Card?

Gift card, or voucher, is a ticket that contains the code (in some cases code and PIN) which serves to "buy" cryptocurrencies anonymously.

How does Gift Card (voucher) work?

Gift Card or voucher can be bought in more than 20,000 physical stores like Carrefour, Eroski, Game, tobacconist, among others. All points of sale are located on our map.

Once the voucher is purchased, you can redeem it whenever you want during the period of 3 months after the date of purchase. After this time the voucher expires and can not be used. The voucher can be redeemed through our website or app in this section. Just by entering the code and / or PIN and your wallet, the voucher will be redemeed for chosen crypto and sent directly to your wallet!

If you want more information about our vouchers, we invite you to visit the Vouchers section in our help center.


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