How to use the Bitnovo App?

Since we have launched our own app we would like to explain you how to take advantage and squeeze all its potential and so make a purchase or sell of crypto really simple process.


Our App has five main screens, the first one gives you the access to the three main processes that we can carry out from the app: Sale of cryptocurrencies, A Bitcoin Wallet and Acess to your Bitcards.

In the third main screen accessed through the lower right button (the ATM) you can find all our physical sales points to buy vouchers: ATMs, Bitnovo points, Carrefour, Fnac, Eroski, Worten and other points associated with our network.


  • Redemption of vouchers: in this section located at the top of the app you can exchange the vouchers purchased at the points of sale associated with our network The Bitnovo vouchers can be exchanged among more than 20 different cryptocurrencies, if you want to know more about our vouchers we recommend you to take a look at this article.
  • Sale of cryptocurrencies: in this section you can convert your cryptocurrencies to Euros through the IBAN of our associated bank. Currently, you can convert the following tokens: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin, Ripple and Zcash.
  • Bitcoin Wallet: on the app you have the option to create your own Wallet, you can also "migrate" a Wallet from another platform, just as if the Bitnovo wallet does not convince you, you can export it to another platform. How is it possible? Because although the wallet is hosted in our app the owner of that Wallet is YOU. When you create it you obtain a seed that consists of 12 words which is the equivalent of the private key. The seed make possible to take your Bitnovo wallet to another platform.


  • Access to your Bitcards: If you have one or more Bitcards, through the app you can see all your transactions made and you can also recharge it in just two steps.
  • Verification of identity: this option of our app is useful when you buy through our Web. Our verification process sometimes requires a photograph of your ID/PASSPORT and a Selfie picture. You can perform the verification process integrated into the app with a four-digit code provided by our support team.



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