Redeem vouchers directly from your Bitnovo Wallet

The Bitnovo app can be used to vouchers for bitcoin either from Bitnovo's wallet or in the "Redeem voucher" section of our app.

Our wallet offers the option of direct redemption of your vouchers. If you want to exchange the vouchers for bitcoin, access your Bitnovo wallet and convert it into cryptocurrency in just two steps! When accessing the main menu of the wallet you can see three different icons, from which you have to choose the picture of "vouchers" (see the attached image).


Once inside the section "Redeem voucher" the app will automatically fill in the address of your Bitnovo wallet. In this way the only data required is the code of your voucher. This step also offers us two fields with the optional information: phone number and email. If you decide to provide us with this information you should choose the international telephone code valid for your country. Once the data is confirmed, the app will ask for PIN in the second step. Remember that not all vouchers have a PIN. If your voucher does not carry the PIN, do not worry, the system recognizes it automatically and you will not have to enter any additional data. And ready!

If you prefer to do the process directly from the "Redeem voucher" section in our app you can also use the Bitnovo wallet. By choosing bitcoin as the desired cryptocurrency, the app automatically displays a "Use my own wallet" checkbox. If you mark it, the system will load the address of your Bitnovo wallet. Otherwise, you simply do not choose the checkbox and scan the code of your external wallet. Easy, right?

REMEMBER: Since our wallet stores only bitcoin you will not be able to redeem other available cryptocurrency. If you want to exchange other cryptocurrencies, you should use an external wallet.

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