Receive and send Bitcoins from your Bitnovo Wallet

It is very easy to receive and send Bitcoins with the Bitnovo wallet and we show you how to do it in just a few steps.

Receive: Suppose that you have gone to dinner with your friends and since you are young modern people all of you use the cryptocurrency for paying. You have paid the total amount for your dinner and each of your friends will send you the equivalent part of the payment.

Request the exact amount is very simple, you just have to click on the second icon in the upper right corner of your Wallet (picture of a hand highlighted in red in the photo), indicate the amount to receive from each one, you can indicate it in both Bitcoins and Euros (or Dollars if changed in settings) and the app will be responsible for calculating you the equivalent amount.

Just click on share and send it to your friends so they can take care of the rest.


Send: send Bitcoins from the Bitnovo app is also very simple, in this case we will have to use the third icon in the upper right area of your Wallet (picture of an envelope shaped like an airplane, highlighted in red in the photo).

The first thing that you request will be the Wallet you want to send your Bitcoin to, you can paste it or you can directly scan the QR code of the receiver´s wallet (remember that you must give the app permission to access the camera to could use a QR scanning option).

Once we have the destination address, we will only have to indicate the amount you want to send, just as when you receive it you can indicate it in Bitcoins or Euros (or Dollars if changed in setting).

Finally we have to choose the type of fee (commission of the miners) that we want to pay. This will depend on the urgency of the shipment, the higher the fee the faster the transaction is made. By default, the Wallet shows you an average sending speed.


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