Add notes to a transaction of your Bitnovo Wallet

Surely it has happened to you more than once not to remember all incoming and especially outgoing payments you have made throghout the month, not only in your wallet but also in your current bank account.

With the Bitnovo Wallet it is very easy to have all your payments sorted since you have the possibility of adding notes to each of the transaction, as you can do in your bank account.

How to do it? Well, just go to the main screen of the Wallet and click on a transaction, a window with the details of the transaction will provide you with information such as: the current value of the shipment, the rate of change in the moment of your payment, the ID or Hash of the transaction, the date and the fee applied by the miners, the status and the confirmations of the transaction and finally what interests us in this case, allows us to write a note or concept of the transaction to have all our finances "controlled".


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