What is Ethereum and how does it work?

If you are reading this it is very likely that you are thinking about buying this coin so we will explain you briefly the main characteristics of it.

Ethereum is another decentralized cryptocurrency which was launched to the markets in July 2015, using the Blockchain for its correct operation as well as Bitcoin.

This coin is minable and one of the peculiarities is that it is infinite. Surely you know that for example if we talk about Bitcoin there is a maximum of tokens which may be in circulation, exactly 21,000,000 BTC. So in the case of Ethereum there is no such limit.

The use of this currency is very broad since it not only serves to trade; one of the most prominent uses is to sign "Smart Contracts".

If you want to know in which Wallet to store your Ethereum we recommend you take a look at this article where we recommend the most recognized Wallets of this cryptocurrency.

To track any Wallet or transaction made with ETH you just have to access this website, it is an explorer which gives you the available information of the transactions.

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