What is Tron and how does it work?

Tron is a cryptocurrency which promises to offer security, scalability and privacy like many other cryptocurrencies. The main difference of Tronix is ​​that it aspires to become a shared platform of decentralized entertainment content. 

Tron has been created by Justin Sun, a well-known Chinese entrepreneur, since he was co-founder of Alibaba and he has been Ripple's chief representative in China in the world of cryptocurrencies.

When the currency was created, it was generated 100 billion TRX but not all of them are in circulation. The cryptocurrency management is carried out by the Tron nonprofit foundation, which has 34 billion TRX retained until January 1, 2020. It will be the date on which all of them should be putted into circulation.

If you want to know in which Wallet to store your Tron we recommend you take a look at this article where we recommend the most recognized Wallets of this cryptocurrency.

To track any Wallet or transaction made with Tron you just have to access this website, it is an explorer which gives you the available information of the transactions.

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