What is OmiseGo and how does it work?

Omisego is a cryptocurrency that aspires to be a cryptocurrency exchange platform, and moreover to become a financial platform. It is very likely that it reminds you in certain aspects of Ripple, but they hardly have any similarities.

This cryptocurrency works with the Blockchain of Ethereum so in this way they have a decentralized network to transfer a high volume of transactions at low cost. 

The company responsible for the currency is called Omise and it has been operating with its online payment systems since 2013. Without a doubt one of the reasons to trust this cryptocurrency is the team behind including Vitalik Buterin known for being the co-founder of Ethereum.

Finally, it should be noted that Omisego uses the system (POS) Proof of Stake or Participation Test, which means that it rewards you for having your coins stored in the Wallet.

If you want to know in which Wallet to store your OmniseGo we recommend you take a look at this article where we recommend the most recognized Wallets of this cryptocurrency.

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