The mining fee on the Blockchain

You can consult the mining fee on the Internet, for example through this link:

We can check the real time fee. In other words it is the amount of tokens the miners are charging for the validation of pending transactions on the Blockchain.

We can check in real time how many bitcoin the miners are left by validating the payments through the Blockchain.

It is important to know that the fee is variable, it is NOT a percentage because it depends on the transmitted bytes, so the moments with higher traffic on the Blockchain the fee is going up.

Anyway, we can choose the priority with which to send our bitcoins and that will make it possible to vary the price to pay for this commission. The faster / more urgently transaction, the higher fee. Special care must be taken when choosing a low priority because, even if the commissions are lowered, the delivery can be delayed for a long time or even canceled.

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